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Ari... 1960's by arihoff
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Alright! It's time for another critique here! It's been awhile since I've done one of these, so I thought it would be good to start wit...

Sensing by Zouberi
by Zouberi

Hello! We're gonna go ahead and critique this for our group :iconsomnambulist-aisle: :party: So here I'm gonna analyze this one as thorough as possible :D I find the...

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ugly habit by grohsARTig

HELLLLOOOOOOO! Time for another critique! :iconbadassplz: I have GOT to do one for a VERY good supporter who I respect eternally. :headbang: This is an image ...

Random Favourites

My Gallery is for YOU too

I'm NOT an artist. But YOU more than likely are! Do you see somethin in my gallery ya wanna use for a photomanipulation/drawing/painting/etc? If so, all ya gotz to do is note me and request my permission and I'll work with ya to see what I can do to help!

DiamonEyes by kenernest63aPursia by Sekhmets-childGladiator Drawing by ArtisticSchmidtLuis DiamonEyes Portrait by kiss-lamia-lilithOpen Your Mind by Sandra-CristhinaDiamonEyes POSTER by kenernest63aDevil In The Blue Dress by kiss-lamia-lilithBarbarian King by pranileOlivia by NorafePursia by essencestudiosZombie Stein by JaredWingateDiamonEyes by x-ReaperLadyDeath-xI Am the king of my world by JonisGraphicsBronze Worrier by appleiamYou Rang by txhernFallen Angel song.... by metalromanticaThe Skin is the Canvas by Sleepwalker1803Burn heart by fabiluaWe drink your blood by Lord-KothlessPhouka by greyfortofmarsHere kitty kitty! by BigA-ntViking by pranilePast Times Together by BigA-ntdiamoneyes ambirgram by A-T-G-4What Lies Beneath by kiss-lamia-lilithtimeless by BergkristalleMy Heart Will Go On by cazcastallaGraphite Gunz by KalgorasDead Memories by FlobelebelebobeleWhat a weird tiny creature by 321shrinkmugshot by essencestudioskitties by essencestudiosCaught in the breeze by BigA-ntGod of Rock by otterling-artsDiamonEyes finished by anjourekloosNight Shift by Ray4359Hey Zombie by GabbrielFrostLA Zavala Tattoos by ivankorsarioThe Beautiful Olivia Henry Photo Mosaic by whendteyes for olivia by anjourekloosRiddik Diamineyes by Lord-Kothlessdiamoneyes by pDrake1Suede by AnnezonFrankie is a nice guy_done by GabbrielFrostDiamonEyesStrength by nerddorkDark hunter II by Blackmoons32Vampiric Eye by SimplyDarkerthanDeaFFirst Rule of Conjering - Control What You Summon by txhernEl pachuco by GabbrielFrostDiamoneyes wasteland bruiser by Lord-KothlessDark hunter by Blackmoons32BG2 Portrait - Male 20 by Lava-DelVortel


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Angel In Disguise - DasGhul Speaks

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 11:45 AM
Hello all!!! :wave: Been gone yet again for the majority of the past week. :faint: I really wish I did have the amount of time I used to doing DA stuff, but life definitely can suck sometimes and there's no getting around that. :pissed:  So I really GOT to apologize and apologize BIGTIME :iconimsorryplz: But I'm going to continue to give it a push and be here when I do get the time :nod: 

Now then! Today i thought I'd go ahead and post a new interview that I've had the opportunity to do. This one is special in that I've discovered lots about this person over my time here, and I seem to have a very "interesting" online friendship (whatever that's supposed to mean :rofl:). So  this week, we are going to speak with the most annoying, funny, rant-filled, egotistical deviant here on DA. Allow me to present the dark and surreal workings of  the one and ONLY :

I Am.I am.
A God.
A Ghoul.

REDE ZUM WOHL DER SCHWERINDUSTRIE by DasGhulUnholy Mutant by DasGhulSaucer Invaders by DasGhul
The Visions of CeePeeTee Ghul by DasGhulLord of Destruction by DasGhul

Let it all begin....**WARNING** Lots of sarcasm, belittling, ego (from both sides:rofl:), and potentially offensive content awaits :icontrollwinkplz: If you are sensitive to freedom of speech, then turn away now! :sprint:

:icondiamoneyes::Give a little background about yourself please.
:icondasghul::I was born a few years ago, then I became a ghoul and the greatest man in the universe. I salute you! 

:icondiamoneyes::Cool! (not really:puke:Give us a summary of the style you do with your work, please. 
:icondasghul::This depends on the specific category the artwork belongs in, of course, but all in all, I would say it's GHOUL STYLE. I salute you!

Titanic by DasGhulIn the Future there will be Robots by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes::.......I see:iconfreudplz:....mmmmm....hmmm. AnywaysYou do many different things in the visual arts fields. What inspired you to pursue a career in photography?
:icondasghul::I don't. 
Because I am no "photographer" at all.
I rather do see myself just as an artist, with a camera. Shrug

:icondiamoneyes:: (WellTHAT was pretty obvious) SoWhat are you most proud in your art?
:icondasghul::Well there are two things, actually...
The first one is that, although I try to see everything through "artsy" eyes, I never had any "education" in art. Not quite. Alright, I did visit some lectures about aesthetics at university... But just maybe, these were just the very opposite of an "education in art", because that certain professor whom I enjoyed listening to so much (--> in my humble opinion, the only true GENIUS that I have ever met), actually had not the slightest intention to "teach art" at all. Rather, just to INSPIRE.
So with that said, the second thing I would like to mention here, would be the way how me, DasGhul, keeps blurring the lines between artist and artwork. As you already pointed out, I do many different things, but I think that "art" rather manifests itself in the essential distinctiveness that still manages to somehow unite all of those, and I cannot really understand people who make one account for their drawings, one for their photos, one for their "selves", and one for llama collecting. I like WHOLE things way too much. 
Btw, do you believe in (any) god? Well I don't, but anyone can see this "god"-idea most definitely has quite an impact on the real world... It's like, it exists, but does NOT exist: It is entirely VIRTUAL. So, by exercising my GODLIKE powers (the powers of creation, that is) in god's very own sphere, virtuality, I am literally re-programming myself in reality.
And THAT is just what I am most proud of, actually! Nod

U 7 8 15 21 12 by DasGhulGhul-Girl solves a Problem by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes:: ("Humble" my ass! You ain't humble in the slightest) Interesting!!! (not really) Can you please give us a list of the gear you use to make your imagery? And what is your favorite piece of gear in your collection?
:icondasghul::I am using my humble analogue Nikon F75 (--> with AF Nikkor lens! Thumbs Up) for the raw materials (--> "photos"), and then PhotoFiltre for "ghouling" them.
These are also my favourites.
Digital cameras are just as overrated as the (--> "gothic girls with violins";) (Wink)) oh-so-mighty Photoshop is. I salute you!

Brothers in Arms by DasGhulLoser by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes::Okay, so I TOTALLY agree with this one completely :iconepicsmileplz:Would you rather have Big Boobs with a big dick, or really huge nose what constantly dripped boogerballs from it? And why?
:icondasghul::Well I'm not really into big boobs that much, but if that's the choice, I would definitely choose that option.
Why reject the ability to titfuck myself, just for the sake of SLIME? hmm

Birth of an Urban Myth by DasGhulTear Here by DasGhul
Thinker and the Thought by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes::OH YOU!!! :iconohyouplz:Getting into specific works, Lets talk about "Der Perlentaucher." What motivated this piece?
:icondasghul::This is still my favourite written piece of all time. I did it back in 2006, when THE GHOUL had barely been born (--> Ich Bin Ein Wahrer Satan by DasGhul). Another two and a half years were actually meant to pass then, before I even DISCOVERED dA... At that time, I was basically just dabbling around in some (very few) forums (which are mostly dead by now), so POETRY was the only possible way to be creative around there, really. And this one classic piece just turned out to be a true PROPHECY of what THE GHOUL should become, and actually still is becoming. Maybe I'm still the only one who will ever understand this... But even if it might be pathetic and/or not even written very well, this one will always hold a special place in my heart! give me back my heart by Bad-Blood

:icondiamoneyes::"Holocaust" was your third Daily Deviation. Congratulations! Please describe how this one ended up becoming a piece you wanted to share with us all.
:icondasghul::First of all, thank you for mentioning that I have DDs! Thumbs Up
Because if you don't have DDs, what could you possibly ever be in the eyes of the mega-tough AUDIENCE? I salute you!
You're wrong in one point though, it is not my third DD. It is my SECOND DD. And this is how it happened… 
One day, I made a mistake with my camera. (<-- It is from NIKON! :eager: by darkmoon3636Pay me, NIKON! :eager: by darkmoon3636) I pushed the film too far into it, so that picture 36 (<-- a FILM normally consists of 36 pictures) just wasn't a picture any more, but rather reminded me of a GIANT OVEN. Hence the title! Shh 
Fun fact: I actually tried to do something similar again later with Disintegrator Rising by DasGhul, but that one just did not receive the attention it would deserve yet. Strange. Shrug

Holocaust by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes::I never felt like my Daily Deviations weren't deserved either :rofl: But I do appreciate them :nod:"Tuonela" is a mesmerizing piece that could make for a VERY cool horror film. What was your goal with this image?
:icondasghul::Just that, I guess… It was a very foggy day, and I was at the cemetary. There, I suddenly noticed that single figure disappearing into the fog and, as great a thinker as I am, I immediately thought to myself, God-Ghoul, thought I, you gotta capture this! So I did, and even the original image already looked great. But after it went through different levels of GHOUL MAGIC, of course, it looked even greater! :hooray:
It is no wonder that THIS actually became my THIRD DD! :iconsothereplz: 

Tuonela by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes:::iconhmmmplz:.....hmmm....okay, so"Channel Ghoul Seven" is an intriguing piece. How did this image come to be?
:icondasghul::Oh, this? That one is pure recycling, really. You see, I try to never delete any of my raw materials, at all… So one day, I just re-discovered the various pieces making up the various parts of this now, and I thought to myself, God-Ghoul, thought I! They are all shit, but they might just look great TOGETHER! Also, remember that you have a show running, so why don't you just take that various crap, ghoul it, and make something entirely new out of it, that might just as well represent your GHUL SHOW?
So here is CHANNEL GHOUL SEVEN! :hooray:

Channel Ghoul Seven by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes:::teevee:"Ghoul Conscience"- Tell us the story behind this piece please. 
:icondasghul::The GHOUL has a CONSCIENCE.
The CONSCIENCE is the conscience of a GHOUL.
Nuff said! I salute you!

Ghoul Conscience by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes:::iconpooplaplz:"Enter The Void" gives a feeling of falling into the depth of evil. Can you describe what inspired this image?
:icondasghul::It's all about DRUGS, pal! Thumbs Up Because personally, I just don't think drugs are that bad, as certain people would like us to believe…
The title, of course, is inspired by the Gaspar Noe movie of the same name. 
But since you already asked, there is also a story I would like to share here.
Some weeks ago, I visited a show of the german rock band BÖHSE ONKELZ… together with an ff (--> former friend), where Kevin, the freshly "cleaned" leadsinger, told the audience to "stay away from drugs." Now as strange as this already is for a rock concert, I spontaneously also found it quite hypocritical. I was rather like, "No! It is not about drugs! It's about how you deal with them! So for you, Kevin, and also for people like you (--> like, my formerly alcoholic uncle), it definitely DOES make sense to completely stay away from them… But that's not because drugs are bad as such, that's just because you have reached a usage level (--> 10g of coke PER DAY I think I've fainted. --> I am still waiting for the one person who can explain to me how that is even POSSIBLE! I think I've fainted.), that will either lead you into plain addiction no matter what, or just leave it the ONLY alternative to become ENTIRELY clean!"
So yes, it always makes me happy if people manage to overcome their ADDICTIONS… But DRUGS mean just a replaceable term here. However, they are an especially interesting one, because as long as they are (--> unlike, for example, the addiction to moneymaking or the addiction to a certain paradigm) illegal, and only then, several other factors might easily get involved too, and THOSE will be the ones finally able to fuck up your life. In a nutshell, I think this whole "drugs are bad" thing happens to be just one of society's self-fulfilling prophecies… A very central one! Shh

Enter The Void by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes:::pills: "Mizzi. Queen." Tell us all a bit about your fondness of cats! :iconmeowdanceplz:What makes them so special to you?:icondancekittyplz:
:icondasghul::Oh yeah, cats! Meow :3 CATSCATSCATS! :iconwalkingcatplz:
Quoting the mighty :iconessencestudios: here: "Kitties make everyone feel better!" :hooray: 
This darling kitty above, for example, first made my mother feel better (--> check its STORY: Her Way by DasGhul) after my dad died Went by DasGhul, and what can I say? Ever since, I actually like visiting there more than ever before, since I know I will always see the KITTY, too! Meow :3 
There is just so much we can LEARN from CATS…
About friendship. 
About aristocracy.
About how not to be an asshole, but still get what you want.
Etc. etc.
Not only from the small cats, but also the big ones: Meatlover by DasGhul!

Mizzi. Queen. by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes:::icondaawplz: :iconwalkingcatplz: Me likey kitties :iconmeowdanceplz:  What inspired you to start "Die Ghul Show" and what's your favorite part of the process?
:icondasghul::Touching as many souls as possible and learning from the diversity of their perspectives.
I think as a PERSON, you can only develop through exchange with other persons, so these should actually be as diverse as possible. 
For some emotionally crippled sociopath like my humble self, who always had just a very limited amount of contacts, let alone friends, but still doesn't want to die a DUMB FUCK, Die Ghul Show is just the ultimate tool to do that! Thumbs Up
Plus, it gets me closer to my ultimate goal, which would be to entirely TAKE OVER dA! EVIL Laughter! 

Willow's Welcome by DasGhulNearly Ninja by DasGhulAt least we will remember you by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes:::iconhmmplz::?:iconipoopedplz:.....Well thenYou run/co-run many groups here on DeviantART. The ones that have the more unique perspective to me are ::icongawrila-jugend:,:iconchaos-and-decay:,:iconghoulish-games:,:iconthenewelite: and especially :iconcrazycatladies: :iconmeowdanceplz: Can you give us all a rundown of what each group is about, and what you like most about each?
:icondasghul::Sure! I salute you! 
:icongawrila-jugend: originally started just as a sick inside joke between me and another ff (--> you might have already noticed that they always keep dumping me again... It is because I am a GHOUL! Shh REALLY! Shh), about THE PEOPLE, and NAZI-GOD... :icongodplz:
The problem with :icongawrila-jugend: is though, I cannot really say what it's about without betraying its spirit… So let's just say it's a group that's in a satirical way dealing with the concept of AUTHORITY, and leave it to that! I salute you! 
:iconchaos-and-decay: is completely different. It is also great, but not original at all. Except, of course, for the fact that thanks to the initiative of THE HUMBLE GHOUL  On my own account.Aeons have passed since we last spoke, dear members, so now, this is just the very thread in which I claim to be officially made the FOUNDER of this noble group...
If you support my petition, sign here! :hooray:
Yours truly,
, which its original founder still keeps ignoring, it still is an ACTIVE group, about urbexing and urban decay. 
Nothing more, nothing less! I salute you! 
:iconghoulish-games: is just an experiment really. I tried to combine elements of featuring art, killing people, and an overall scenario that reminds of american wrestling shows. Like, crowning a SURVIVAL MASTER from time to time, who is actually rewarded with POINTS! Winner:iconpointisloveplz:
My former avatars DasGhul by DasGhulShiny Desu DasGhul by DasGhul, and I am You by DasGhul are also there, just to make things a bit more SOPHISTICATED! EVIL Laughter!
:iconthenewelite: is the newest member in the ghoulish family, and can be seen as my direct response to all them formerly great groups, which one day just died due to selfish, egoistic founders suddenly realizing that dA is not important to them at all, or, even worse, just becoming :iconfuckbookplz:persons because they think this might actually make stuff EASIER for them. Point and laugh Without even remembering to enable others of becoming new group founders, that is!
Actually, I already tried something similar before with :iconblack-magic-art:, which I practically just stole from its original founder :iconperception-obscure:, inactive since 180 weeks and counting. But what can I say, this is just not the same as personally and alone (--> "ALLEIN!" :kleineradolf: by PeanutbutterJelle "JA!" :kleineradolf: by PeanutbutterJelle) building up a group right from the very first moment! I salute you!
While :iconcrazycatladies: is all about CATS! :iconwalkingcatplz:Heart

:icondiamoneyes::At least I understand :icongawrila-jugend: a little more now :rofl: :icontrollwinkplz: How did you discover DevaitnART and what made you decided to share your work here?
:icondasghul::I guess it's time to make a confession now… I didn't even discover dA myself! I was rather pushed there by another (Yawn) ff, who one day just set up an account for me here.
Back then, I wasn't really delighted by that at all… But since nearly all of the forum legends had already gathered here, I decided to keep it and even started creating some artworks later. Why? I guess it originally was, because I am just what YOU would probably call an "attention whore!" EVIL Laughter! 

White Noise by DasGhulMinistry of Clouds by DasGhulTemple by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes:: (at least you finally admit to being a WHORE of SOME KIND:iconhoplz:) ONWARDWho are some DeviantART artists that you are a fan of? 
:icondasghul::Now that's a REALLY tough nut… But here's just some sixpack!
First, I would like to mention :iconblacklillyflower:. Not only because she's a much greater (self) portrait photographer than she thinks, but also because she is one of the legends from the REALLY old days. So, it makes me especially happy that she actually re-started her activity here recently! Thumbs Up
I would also mention :iconwaldeck:. Except that he is a writer, for quite the same reason really. I happen to have loads of respect for people who just DON'T QUIT, and this guy, actually, never left! Thumbs Up 
On to the more pure dA-persons, :iconainitolonen: will always be one of my most favourite artists ever. Her abstracts are just amazing, and once, she even did something that was based on a dream of mine How To Find The Exit by AiniTolonen, just like that! I think I've fainted.Thumbs Up
I would mention :iconpanthermodern23:, for doing some of the best collages around and for being so genuinely DADA! Thumbs Up
Although he doesn't deserve it at all, because he is a fuckin' traitor and :iconfuckbookplz: person, I would mention :iconthecavestincident:, bassist in the band SENEX Senex - Behind the Scenes I by DasGhul, because, in my humble opinion, this band does represent nothing less but the very FUTURE OF STONER ROCK! Thumbs Up 
And last not least, I would like to mention :iconkeldbach:. Although this has not much to do with his art. I like his art, too, but I would rather mention him just because of the incredible energy he uses on telling us THE TRUTH! If I would ever have to choose my PERSONAL NEWS STATION, it would most definitely be :iconkeldbach:Thumbs Up

:icondiamoneyes::Intriguing inspirations :iconooohplz:What do you wish to accomplish with your art that will take you to the next level?
:icondasghul::I would definitely like to work more with WOMEN! :hooray:
Although they are WOMEN! :hooray:
By extending the concept of "Ghul-Girl", that is! Die Moorsoldaten by DasGhul EVIL Laughter!
Speaking about that, that's actually another thing I want to do: Destroy that parody of an online community that is :iconfuckbookplz:, by means of STEALING ITS WOMEN! EVIL Laughter! 
Also, because I am actually into POLITICS since a few days (--> proud member no. 15364 of DIE PARTEI!… I salute you!), I could very well imagine to do some more POLITICAL SHIT in the near future! But that, I guess, still depends on how they choose to position themselves towards GHOULISM, and is just an idea so far…
But anyway: ANOTHER just-idea so far is, to expand the GHUL SHOW with people from BEYOND dA...The ghoulish party is far from over yet! EVIL Laughter!

:icondiamoneyes::Maybe if you were actually INTO women, you'd get more inspired by them :icongaytrollplz: A question I always have to ask in these thing: How did we meet here?
:icondasghul::Uhm, I think you invited me to :iconsomnambulist-aisle: one day…
But hey, I could be wrong with that. It could just as well be you just TROLLED me once, and I fell for it, because you're such a STRONG MAN! Here's a kiss for you, my love!

Beweisstueck 91 by DasGhulBeweisstueck 104 by DasGhulBeweisstueck 98 by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes::I'll never tell :iconsothereplz:Any words of advice you like to give anyone out there interested in Visual Arts?
:icondasghul::Never try to just copy something else. I salute you!

Sunset in Northern Germany by DasGhulFalken by DasGhulVanity by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes::VERY much agree there (for realz) :clap:Who's the bigger Troll: :icondasghul::icondiamoneyes: or :iconsantaclauseplz::icongaytrollplz:
:icondasghul::The biggest troll, of course, is still :iconobamaplz:.
Seriously, I have no idea why that war-mongering, corporational puppet is still in office.
Neither, if that "office" actually ever really meant something at all.
But that's another theme, I guess. We'll do that later! I salute you!

From Dusk till Dawn by DasGhulOn Guard by DasGhul

:icondiamoneyes::Thank you for your time!!! You are so humble kind, and heart warming (my nose is growing with each syllable while i typed that :iconpinoccioplz:)!:iconepicsmileplz:
:icondasghul::You're welcome, you proud victim of the first ever GHUL SHOW you! Thumbs Up
See you again in the 100th! Thumbs Up

So there we have it!!! I'd like to thank all of you who took your time to check this out! :iconbadassplz: Also to say big thank you to :icondasghul: for being so good to :iconessencestudios: and for the support of cats :iconmeowdanceplz: Make sure to check out his page! But keep in mind, it's NOT for the faint of heart :iconevilgrinplz:

Not sure what's gonna happen next, but that's the beautiful thing....uncertainty :D I look forward to sharing more stuff with you all, and I'll be trying to catch up with all the group stuff I've missed out on for the past week or so :D Until next time....SEE YA!!!!!!!! :iconkissingplz:

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: BT - If The Stars Are Eternal, So Are You And I
  • Reading: notes
  • Watching: True Crime
  • Playing: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
  • Eating: Breakfast
  • Drinking: Rockstar


L.A. Zavala
United States
Art, Gym, Play (Video Games). That's what I'm all about. I'm absolutely fascinated by all types of art, and constantly search for newfound inspiration. I wouldn't consider myself an "artist," but I do love creating imagery.

I like making fun of myself (practically making it an art form of its own), and making others laugh. I don't take myself seriously and just want to share the images here for fun. I deal with too many "serious" artists at work, so this is my personal way to just goof-off. :D I'm here to get inspired and see what I can do to support and connect with other artists. :)

Current Residence: Home
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I don't wear anything
Print preference: photo? I suppose...
Favourite genre of music: Breakbeat, Trance, House, Downtempo, Old Skool Hip Hop, and Classical
Favourite photographer: (don't really have one)
Favourite style of art: Biomechanical,Steampunk/Cyberpunk, Art Deco, Lowrider Art
Operating System: Mac Os X Snow Leopard? I guess...
MP3 player of choice: iPod (but am NOT an Apple Elitist)
Shell of choice: Turtle
Wallpaper of choice: Stupid walls...
Skin of choice: Olive
Favourite cartoon character: Spike Spiegel, Popeye, Goofy, and Bloodshot
Personal Quote: Lavapuyo!

What is your favorite body part on you, and why? 

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Anytime! You have an amazing gallery and have great charisma too :iconsecrethandshakeplz:
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So kind of you to say so.  Hug 
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:iconbikiniplz: I want the nipple mustache!
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col gallery
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Thanks!! :iconbadassplz:
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;) Gansta 
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thanks for the :+devwatch:
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You're welcome! :iconbadassplz:
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Thank you so, so, so much for donating to my donation pool! Every point helps. You just inspired me to do something generous today, thank you!
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You're welcome! :iconbadassplz:
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If they can somehow manage to add a mobile toilet to that then I AM SO SOLD ON THIS :iconorgasmingplz:...:rofl:
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AMAZING! A beautiful gallery! Great respect! Clap 
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